Because what are trailers

Because everyone seems to care about superhero trailers, like, way too much which is pretty objectively stupid. Advertisements

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Can Wonder Woman Be Saved?

Wonder Woman has been in the news lately. With a trailer heralding her own much anticipated standalone after an admittedly COMPLETELY BADASS turn (and potentially only saving grace of) Batman vs Superman — — Diana Prince has also come under popular scrutiny for being chosen as Entertainment Weekly’s most powerful superhero as well as an honorary […]

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Because dear god why

Because Captain Underpants (but more because this is the best horror movie I’ve seen all year — happy Halloween!) Advertisements

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Because howard’s gross

Because Howard the Duck was in a superhero movie?! Advertisements

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Because Bug Man

Because superheroes are oddly obsessed with bugs (perhaps for good reason.) Bug Man from Iqbal Ahmed. Advertisements

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In the Style of… Suicide Squad

We can all agree (if your taste isn’t terrible) that Suicide Squad sucked. It sucked hard. So hard. You guys, it just… it was just so really, really bad. I’m throwing up a little now thinking about it. Ok I- wait. Wait still throwing up. Wait.       Ok done. But the visuals were […]

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Because Positive Representation of Disability

Because sometimes comics represent disability but generally tend to eff it up… unlike the people at Magic Wheelchair. Advertisements

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