Luke Cage Kind of Sets Up Civil War

When I read this article from Movie Pilot about how Luke Cage might have set up the events in Captain America: Civil War, I was thinking how they’d talk about

  1. How the events of Jessica Jones alerted the city of NY that people they see every day could have superpowers, and not just the Avengers. (Because while Daredevil is a great ninja guy, but he doesn’t quite have superpowers — he’s like Oliver Queen’s Green Arrow or Batman, just a dude with awesome skills and a hero complex.)
  2. What it means that Luke Cage takes place right before the events of Civil War (and concurrently with season 2 of Daredevil.)
  3. How the (mostly) all-black cast is perhaps Marvel TV making a statement about how the Marvel movies relegate black heroes to sidekick or supporting character. Even the much heralded Black Panther had what felt at times like a token role in Civil War (though, in the wake of his success, Marvel magnanimously threw a movie at him.) And I know what you’re thinking — that Civil War came out before Luke Cage, so how could Cage have influenced Civil War‘s content? But they were writing Luke Cage stuff since before Daredevil season 2 came out (since there had to be connections with the character of Claire) so who knows?

But, alas, Movie Pilot did not talk about any of that. They just made parallels between the two shows without actually extrapolating anything new about why there aren’t more black superheroes or how Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, a black man and a woman (two groups marginalized in the genre) might have been responsible for the big shakeup to the superhero conversation that is on the way which started in Civil War’s, er, civil war.

Which is… disappointing. (For the record, I had a different word to say, but Pops would have gotten mad.)


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