40 Times Robot Chicken Was Super (Sexist)

There are a lot of superhero spoofs out there, there is something unique in the parodies of Robot Chicken. But I’m torn. Because in a lot of ways they’re good and funny and smart. But in other ways… well. Ok. So —

The good: From the beginning, Adult Swim was a channel to give indie artists a chance, and I’ve got to say that some of these clips from their DC comics specials are better than a lot of the Hollywood Blockbuster superhero movies.

The bad: The horrible, horrible sexism. I mean, they’re so disrespectful and gross to women. They make rape or sex jokes about and/or just generally harass or violate or abuse basically every female character on this show.

But, like, the magical Batman friendship boat that happens in #7 is nice…?

I’ve included some of both in this list. You make your own opinions. Does the occasionally quality comedy make up for the misogyny?

1. Daredevil ‘N Friends (ok)

2. Galactus Herald Tryouts (ok)

3. Battle of the Exes II (ok)

4. Superheroes Tonight (not ok)

5. Hollywood Spotlight of the Incredible Hulk (ok)

6. Give It Up, Sinestro (ok)

7. Giving Bats a Ride (ok)

8. Aquaman Vs. Big Oil (ok)

9. Starro Attacks (ok)

10. The Nerd on the CW (not ok)

11. X-Men Academy (sort of ok)

12. I Got Suped (not ok)

13. The Fantastic Shield (not ok)

14. Bring a Sidekick to Work Day (NOT OK)

15. The Arkham Redemption (not ok)

16. Super Race (not ok)

17. The Joker (ok)

18. Superman’s Marriage (not ok)

19. Reverse Villains (not ok)

20. Catwoman’s Underwear (NOT OK)

21. Superman Vs. Aquaman (ok)

22. Nerd Lantern (NOT OK)

23. A Critical Component (quid pro quo-ing the sexism doesn’t make it ok)

24. Working for Doom (not ok)

25. Christmas in Asgard (not ok)

26. Iron Man’s Coming (ok)

27. Villain Car Pool (ok)

28. Spider Sense (ok)

29. Puttin’ My D’s Here (ok)

30. Batman Smells (ok)

31. Out To Score (NOT OK)

32. Batman Faces Palindrome (ok)

33. The Super Kiss (ok?)

34. Avengers: Musictacular Tapstravaganza (ok)

35. Doctor Doom Exposes Himself (ok)

36. Ghost Dad (ok)

37. Super Fixed (ok)

38. I Will Instruct Him (ok)

39. I Couldn’t Save Him (ok)

40. Super Wife Swap (The show this was based on was very, very not ok so what do you think I’m gonna say you guys…)

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