Doctor Who Christmas Special Will Be Superhero-Themed

Fear is a superpower.

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40 Times Robot Chicken Was Super (Sexist)

There are a lot of superhero spoofs out there, there is something unique in the parodies of Robot Chicken. But I’m torn. Because in a lot of ways they’re good and funny and smart. But in other ways… well. Ok. So — The good: From the beginning, Adult Swim was a channel to give indie artists […]

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Luke Cage Kind of Sets Up Civil War

When I read this article from Movie Pilot about how Luke Cage might have set up the events in Captain America: Civil War, I was thinking how they’d talk about How the events of Jessica Jones alerted the city of NY that people they see every day could have superpowers, and not just the Avengers. (Because […]

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In Soviet Russia, Movie Watches You

Superheroes are kind of an American thing, but Russia is never one to be one-upped… Look past the bad dubbing and the corny overly CGI-ed graphics and the kind of just general stupidness of the bear man, and director Sarik Andreasyan’s Guardians might actually end up being a pretty good superhero movie. Although the amount of cleavage […]

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Captain America: Giggle War

Look at these cuties being cute. The Captain America: Civil War gag reel was released on September 6 by Marvel and it’s adorbs. Advertisements

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